Jorge Masvidal says McGregor has ‘barely any chance’ against Mayweather

Jorge Masvidal is one of the fighters who give Conor McGregor just a chance against Floyd Mayweather Jr., and for good reason.

Jorge Masvidal

Jorge Masvidal, 32, has a great boxing experience and grew up fighting on the street in Miami. During his early days in boxing, ‘Gamebred’ got spar with world-class boxers and believes that they are several leagues ahead of the best boxers in MMA.

McGregor, the current UFC lightweight champion, could pitch Mayweather with his clumsiness, but Jorge Masvidal thinks ‘The Notorious’ will be in for a long night once Money sets and gets its time.

“I grew up in boxing,” Jorge Masvidal told’s Tom Taylor. “My first base was boxing, and I grew up with good luck.The gyms where I was, I had to see a lot of world-class boxing at an early age, it was pure luck that the gyms close to my house had an incredible And astonishing talent, either national or Cuban who had won the Olympic Games, who had won world championships, which had 250 amateur fights and 17 losses. So I got to work with a lot of good guys, and I have to see A lot of good guys working, and I can tell you this. I’ve never seen anyone in the MMA – and this is not to dis my brothers and sisters, because it’s a different place – I’ve never seen guys seen in the top 10 of MMA, or the top-5 even, and They are good strikers, when they do boxing straight with a solid boxer, not even a world-class amateur, only a solid veteran, a lot of times they clean themselves.

“In the first few minutes, MMA guys sometimes get rid of boxers because it’s a different pace, different stance, and they throw their punches a bit differently, some of them, compared to boxing straight. Sometimes you see that the boxer is trimmed a bit because he is not used to that rhythm and the angles of the punches come, but once all sets in and that time, it’s a different ball game.I’ve seen it many times, So I give Conor almost no chance. ”

Jorge Masvidal, who recently left a split decision to Demian Maia at UFC 211, says that McGregor’s only chance is if Mayweather completely underestimates him.

In a fight with two guys with their hands with bad intentions, there is always an opportunity – always in a fight, “he said.” You can be beaten for 14 minutes, and at 14:55, you land that blow that changes the whole fight. Anything can happen to anyone. But those chances are so thin against Mayweather … The only way I can see Mayweather losing is if Mayweather just does not take it seriously at all. If he likes Anderson Silva, you know … hands up and he actually lets him hit him on the chin. But I do not see Mayweather miss this.

Mayweather Vs. McGregor is scheduled to be the largest pay-per-view event in combat sport history and is scheduled for August 26 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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